Buongiorno  to all!  

I am not surprised by the election result in Italy and the clear victory of a  far right-wing coalition, seen the electoral system and the mistakes of the opposite side; also, I  am  not surprised of the consistent jump of the percentage of people who did not vote (64,7% versus 73,6 in 2018); I am bit down of course. But I will get over it for sure. 

This morning, more than the risk of fascism - which I don't think exists as such - I am enormously concerned about the position Italy will take in Europe on practically everything, on the future of the EU, on alliances, on the climate. Because Italy can tilt the alliances to the side of an even  weaker EU. Particularly on climate. Italy, which has always been distracted on this issue, could slip on the denialist or skeptical side, which is quite strong in the Council already; this will weaken all European policies and in particular those on the energy package, Fit for 55. It is no coincidence that Fratelli d'Italia and Lega Lega abstained in the vote on the efficiency and renewable energy directives a few days ago in the EP. 

Obviously, this will also have a very negative impact at national level. Green light to all corporations, from taxi-drivers to agricultural intensive industries friends of friends, gas, motorways and everything else. And on rights too, we will obviously have to be vigilant; perhaps they won't go further backwards, but expect a return in force of a rhetoric and culture hostile to migrants and new citizens in general.

I am sorry about the results of the Partito Democratico (19,1%), but I believe it has not really listened enough to its own people, who in the big process of public consultations  (Agora democratiche) had given a really clear line and proposals on climate, rights, Europe and opening to  civil society. The choice to remain linked to the so-called “agenda Draghi” was not a brilliant idea. Even if most people did regret the end of his government, this fact  did not play a big role in the  choices of the voters,very worried about energy bills and jobs.  Also, in the composition of the lists the PD did not find space for many young and innovative personalities.   

But above all, the  worst mistake was not to draw all the consequences from an insane electoral law that pushes to create coalitions, no matter how divided; and thus to refuse a coalition agreement with the 5Stelle; another key mistake of the PD was to give in to the prevailing populism  in 2021, and not to impose a  reform of the electoral law in return to the reduction of  the number of members of Parliament.. Third major mistake of which very few speak was the guilty inattention given  to enlarging forms of participation and access to the elections, despite the “Agora democratiche” experiment; it  was shortsighted not to support in time  the possibility to present new lists on the basis of electronic signatures; this decision prevented new, young and promising personalities and groups to compete and left many voters out. I hope that the victory of a reactionary right-wing will put civil society participation and mobilization at the center of the attention of progressive parties, starting with the climate battle. Because we  cannot expect much fromthe government. 


The result of the  Left/Green Left brings a small patrol of ecologists into parliament; this is positive! Even the 5Stelle Movement seem to me to be a bit more serious on this issue than in the past, so that could be  good  as well. However, I believe that starting with the young people of the Fridays For Future Movement, we are still in a situation of substantial dispersion and division of the green, federalist and pro-rights vote, that could and should be gathered in view of the next regional and European elections. We will have to think much more intensively about how to mobilize ourselves and avoid a total fossil drift of Italy and Italy in Europe and new alliances with Orban. 



In this situation, the EU will certainly have to be vigilant but should  not to confuse Italy with Hungary, at least not yet... and to look not only at the issue of rights and  rule of law, but also and above all at that of the Green Deal, which the right-wing coalition will certainly want to dismantle with the help of very influential and active forces in the Draghi government. 

Last but not least, the fact that it is a right-wing woman who becomes the first female   Prime Minister confirms the ineffectiveness of the left, but frankly changes little for the future of women's rights. And, just for the record, contrary to what Giorgia Meloni keeps saying, it is not true that she is the first woman party President in Europe.  Grazia Francescato and myself had the honor of leading the European Green Party long before her….  


Monica Frassoni